Why NOWU is different

Statistically in Canada the Labour movement is shrinking, and this is happening for a reason. We believe that quite simply, Unions have failed to evolve with a diversified membership, and are striving to create 'Mega Unions'. Organizations like the CLC & OFL remove the need for competition, which then enables Unions to become lazy, apathetic, and wasteful.

If you join NOWU, you will be face to face with your employer. Not a voice lost among dozens of Hospitals or Nursing Homes that are trying to survive at a "Central Negotiating Table".

When competition is alive and active, it breeds the need to become advanced, superior, and different than those you compete with. NOWU believes that by re-introducing competition in the Labour Movement, that all workers in Canada will benefit as a result.

We believe that 'Big Unions' shouldn't be rewarded for lazy service by keeping their members simply because they're affiliated (using your dues) to the CLC & OFL.

the NOWU Mission About Us
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Our Union Dues are 1.4%, one of the cheapest in the Labour Movement. The "Big Unions" in Ontario charge their members a much higher dues rate.

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NOWU Union dues don't go to politicians. Most Unions contribute a massive amount of their members dues to political parties without their consent.

How much is spent?


Most of the "Big Unions" have conciously decided on your behalf to send your money to the CLC, an organization which limits your freedom of choice.

How is it limited?

100% Canadian

NOWU is proudly Canadian with zero Union Dues going south of the border.

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Dues Breaks

NOWU Union Stewards, JHSC Reps, and Members +60 pay only 1.0% Union Dues.

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After joining NOWU you will either become part of an existing local, or will form a new local within our democratic structure.

What is a Union Local?

Member Cap

Many 'Big Unions' overload their Union Reps. NOWU caps 1 Union Rep per 1000 members. Which provides our members better service.

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NOWU$ Savings Program

Our community based savings program aims to offset our members Union Dues completely, and provide savings you actually use.

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The Specialized Education and Advanced Learning System offers NOWU members efficient avenues for growth.

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NOWU Members also have access to the NOWU Members Portal

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The Process

  1. Step #1 The Open Period If you are already Unionized, you must first determine your 'open period'. Which is within the last 3 months of your Collective Agreement.
  2. Step #2 Membership Card Sign a NOWU Membership card. You can sign an electronic membership card by clicking here, and submitting it to NOWU.
  3. Step #3 Card Assessment A NOWU Organizer will contact you using the information you provided on the membership card. All phone conversations are private and confidential.
  4. Step #4 Membership Threshold At least 40% of your workplace / bargaining unit needs to sign a NOWU Membership card before an application can be filed to the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
  1. Step #5 File the Application When enough membership cards are signed where NOWU is confident in the success of your workplace. An application will be filed with the Labour Board.
  2. Step #6 One Week Wait The Ontario Labour Boards normal practice is a vote being held in your workplace 1 week after the date of application. Prepare to see more of your old Union than ever before!
  3. Step #7 Vote Day If 51% or more vote in favour of NOWU, then you are victorious. Congratulations! Easier than you thought eh?

Questions & Answers

Once your current Union discovers you and your co-workers are in the process of upgrading to NOWU, prepare to see them more than ever before. We have seen a bunch of different tactics over the years, like: False Anti-NOWU propaganda, promises, BBQ's, lunches, distributing Union gear (SWAG), and even the President making appearances. They will try everything once they know you're leaving, in order to keep your Union Dues.
No. Section 86 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act freezes your current contract or working conditions in place. If you are a Hospital worker, HOOPP is a condition of employment, and has nothing to do with Union affiliation.
Article 4 of the CLC Constitution prevents members in a CLC Union (ex. SEIU, CUPE, Teamsters) from transferring to another CLC Union. It locks you into place with your existing Union. Your only option is to join a Non-CLC Union like NOWU.
The laws set out in the Ontario Labour Relations Act protect you during this process. Your employer is supposed to remain completely neutral, although we sometimes see them siding with the Union currently in place. Wonder why? Because they know NOWU has a reputation of an aggressive servicing model.
Quite simply, less waste. The 'Big Unions' spend a portion of their members Union Dues on: CLC & OFL affiliations, political contributions, headquarters based in the USA, gigantic unnecessary offices, multiple councils, amongst other things. NOWU staff are trained to be lean, mean, and green, utilizing modern technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Union Glossary

Is when you transfer from one Union to another. (ex. 1000 Mount Sinai Hospital members displaced SEIU Healthcare and upgraded to NOWU)
Is when you completely remove your Union from your workplace.
A Union Representative (Rep) is paid staff that works for the Union as a Labour Relations Specialist. A Union Steward is an NOWU member who represents their co-workers in their specific workplace.
The timeframe in which you can file a displacement or decertification application. This is within the last 3 months before your current Collective Agreement expires. *Note* If you have a Collective Agreement which exceeds 3 years, an additional open period occurs each year thereafter. (ex. If you have a 4 year Collective Agreement, there is an open period at the end of year 3 & 4).
A Collective Agreement is a contract between the Union and your Employer detailing your specific rights and benefits.
Is when a Union negotiates many Collective Agreements at the same time. This process can make it difficult for your individual needs to be addressed, as many voices across many contracts are being heard simultaneously. NOWU does not believe Central Negotiations are an effective method for negotiating.



Fabiola Carbajal - Former SEIU Chief Steward


Jaime Garcia - Former Chief SEIU Steward